Plain Dealer April 13, 2011

Going for his dream: After decades of self-destructive behavior, aspiring songwriter Tommy Botz is seven years sober and in the process of achieving his lifelong dream with the recent release of "Family & Friends," featuring his songs recorded by local musicians Billy Sullivan, Logan Wells and Michael Seifert. "There were points in my life where I was going to give up, but music saved my life," said Botz, 63, a 1966 Maple Heights High School graduate. "I've been at the Ed Keating Center for seven years. Early on, I saved money up and was debating whether I should move out and get my own apartment or go for my dream, which was to record some of the 200 songs I've written through the years. Eventually, I got ahold of Michael Seifert at Ante Up Audio, gave him my vision of what I wanted to do, and he helped me get together with the musicians." Botz, director of the Ed Keating Center's East Side office, has high hopes "Family & Friends" will make its way to Nashville and lead to an established artist cutting one of his songs. His favorites include the Johnny Cash tribute "Train of Glory," the gospel-sounding "He's Coming Back" and the honky-tonk "Maggie." For details on Botz, visit A Drunks Dream Comes True. *The following is an excerpt from The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper published April 13, 2011

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